Kathleen Rivers Ph. D.

Cotati City Council


Kathleen will be one of the first out LGBTQ members of the Cotati City Council!


Kathleen loves Cotati and wants to apply her education, skills, and experience to build community, balance affordable housing with maintaining our small town, support small businesses, engage in environmental conservation, and act with an anti-racist approach to government.

Kathleen holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, an MA in Organizational Management (MBA for non-profits), a BA in Spanish, and the Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development (CLAD) Certificate.

Kathleen’s a volunteer and member of the Cotati Historical Society, serves on the Board of Petaluma Pride, and is a member of the California Native Plants Society. She’s a public school teacher at a continuation high school and has taught in public schools for over 20 years. In support of LGBTQ+ youth, she serves as the GSA Co-Advisor at her high school. Kathleen’s spent an additional 11 years in the private sector at Cisco Systems as a Software Program Manager, Serviceability Design Engineer, and Operations Manager.

Kathleen is married with 3 children: a recent graduate from UCSB, an active-duty United States Marine, and a student at SRJC. She’s fully embraced Cotati’s rural lifestyle by raising chickens, replacing non-native plants and trees with native ones, and rebuilding habitat for Sonoma County’s native flora and fauna.

Please review our website at www.RiversforCotati.org and if our values align, contribute, volunteer and/or endorse Kathleen Rivers for Cotati City Council. Thank you.

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