Robert Zimmerman

US House of Representatives, NY-03

Game Changer

Robert will be the first out LGBTQ member of congress from Long Island!


As a closeted gay kid in the suburbs in the 1970’s, Robert felt like he didn’t have a voice. Political activism gave Robert a mission in his life – and his career has been defined by speaking up for those who are unheard and unseen.

Robert was born and raised in Great Neck, in the district he’s running to represent. After graduating from Brandeis University, cum laude, and while earning an MBA from Fordham University, he worked on Capitol Hill as a Senior Aide for Rep. Lester Wolff and later Rep. James Scheuer, representing communities across Long Island and Queens. Later on, Robert served as an advisor to Rep. Gary Ackerman. Robert’s career then took him to the network studios where he has served as an on-air commentator advocating for progressive causes and pushing back against right-wing talking points. He built his own business in the 3rd District – ZE Creative Communications – and has been an active community leader and activist for decades. Robert has been honored by the LGBTQ Network of LI and Queens and the Long Island Progressive Coalition, in addition to serving as President of Great Neck B’nai B’rith and the American Jewish Congress Long Island Division.

At a time when our democracy is under threat and middle class and working families like those in Robert’s district are struggling with a high cost of living, access to affordable healthcare, and the ongoing pandemic, we need a representative who will advocate and fight for the unseen and unheard. Robert is committed to doing this work as a Member of Congress.

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