Robin Biro

Mayor of Tucker

Robin will be the first out gay Mayor of Tucker!


Robin Biro happens to be the first openly gay U.S. Army Ranger to have served. A veteran of the Afghanistan Campaign, Robin enlisted after serving on the Obama Campaign as a Campaign Director – he said that the only thing that could match the adrenaline and love of country from that historic campaign was jumping out of perfectly good airplanes in the Army. Mr. Biro was stationed in Georgia in 2010, and loved it so much that he stayed. Robin continued to fight in hostile territory after being medically retired from the Army when he was recruited to be a political pundit on live TV, amassing more than 1,500 live appearances representing the democratic counterpoint on conservative media.

No stranger to extraordinary circumstances, Mr. Biro is a single father of two boys, 9 and 13, respectively, whom he won guardianship over after a death in the family. They live together at their home in Tucker, Georgia with their Cat, Asha. Mr. Biro was recruited by the county party to run for Mayor of Tucker, GA. He is running for Mayor because he says that the people of Tucker deserve to have representative government. More importantly though, Mr. Biro said that when he was approached about running for municipal office he couldn’t very well say no considering how many times he had said on live national television that the best and most effective way for people at home to get involved was at the local level and that he need to show his kids what it means to be a person of your word.

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