Rossana Rodriguez

Chicago City Council, 33rd Ward

Rosanna will continue to be an important voice on the Chicago City Council!


Rossana Rodriguez is a mother, youth educator, and lifelong community activist. She is currently completing her Masters in Social Work from Northeastern Illinois University. Originally from Puerto Rico, Rossana attended her first demonstration at the age of six, when her neighborhood of Mariana waged a successful battle for public access to drinking water. Alderwoman Rossana Rodriguez has delivered improvements to her ward’s neighborhood schools, brought affordable housing to the ward, and championed innovative programs for public health and safety. In her first four years, Rossana has increased ward democracy by giving neighbors a vote in important decisions in the ward and has helped transform City Hall by ensuring it is no longer a rubber stamp for the mayor. She worked to codify Chicago as a sanctuary city for immigrants and recently wrote, introduced, and passed legislation to codify protections for abortion and gender-affirming care in Chicago. In her next term, Rossana will continue to fight to make Chicago a city that provides for the many, not the few.