James Roesener

New Hampshire House of Representatives, District 22 Ward 8

Spotlight Candidate Winner!

James will be the first transgender man elected to a state legislature!


My name is James Roesener, and I am running for State Representative in New Hampshire, Merrimack Ward 8. I am 26 years old residing in Concord, New Hampshire with my wife and cat. I was born an advocate for the underdog and have never been afraid to stand up for what I truly believe in.

I believe that it is imperative that all individuals have the ability to thrive in New Hampshire. We need a leadership that is invested in defending the freedom all people by taking away barriers to shelter, education, healthcare, voting, and other basic necessities for a quality life.

I deeply care about creating a better world for us all. I have set my standards high and will continue to fight for change until enduring solutions can be reached.

I will be supporting legislation that promotes the wellbeing of all by defending our right to safety, security, and self-determination, regardless of age, race, immigration status, occupation, income, gender identity, sexual orientation, health, or ability.

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