J.C. Romero

Orleans Parish School Board, District 4

J.C. will be the first Latino, openly LGBT man elected to public office in the state of Louisiana!


Dr. J.C. Wagner Romero is a native New Orleanian who has dedicated his entire adult life to the field of education. Raised by a single mother, J.C. understands the positive impact that a strong education can have on the life trajectory of a young person. As such, he is deeply committed to working to ensure that education is the gateway for building sustainable and socially just communities in the City of New Orleans. 
J.C. is a former school teacher who is passionate about providing students with the opportunities they need to succeed in school and beyond. His love for education resonates in the ways in which he engages with students and their families—with love, compassion, and a deep understanding of societal issues that create systems of inequities for many of the young people that he works with. During his tenure as a teacher, J.C. was honored as Teacher of the Year in 2015. 
J.C. is a former local and international school leader dedicated to cultivating the skills and capacity of educators. He has been recognized as a successful international turnaround school principal and continues to engage in critical educational issues as an adjunct professor of education. 
J.C. currently serves on the Board of Directors for Living School, an equity-focused high school in New Orleans and is a former board member of the LGBT Community Center of New Orleans and the Louisiana Equality Foundation. J.C. lives in the Algiers area of New Orleans with his husband Alex and their dogs.

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