Jaclyn Roth

Medford City Council

Jaclyn will be the first out lesbian elected to the Medford City Council!


Jaclyn Torres Roth is a Massachusetts native committed to building a more connected community. She and her wife Hannah own a home in Medford near Wellington Circle. Jaclyn is a community activist and leader on the Medford Arts Council, the Solid Waste Taskforce, and the Pride Planning Committee.

Jaclyn grew up in Andover, Massachusetts. As the middle of five children, her grit stems from her childhood. At two years old, she was diagnosed with Epilepsy, a seizure disorder that impacts brain development. She experienced seizures every 45 minutes and was put on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that allowed her to learn in a slower, small-group setting. While she outgrew Epilepsy at nine years old, the disorder had long-term effects on her social and cognitive development. She remained on an IEP through eighth grade.

She found sports as a way to express herself outside her IEP, and quickly became a renowned athlete. She was inducted into the Andover High School Hall of Fame in March 2023 for her contributions to Field Hockey and Indoor Track and Field. She went on to play Varsity Field Hockey at Brown University. In addition to her athletics, she was also an editor of the Brown Daily Herald and majored in Political Science.

Through her Political Science degree, she secured an internship in Senator Markey’s (D) office where she gained insight into the power of constituent voices and the vast public policy needs in the state. As a Medford resident, she now wants to combine her Political Science background with her passion for community building into the role of City Councilor. She wants to ensure everybody, no matter what gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, economic status, or disability, feels safe and welcomed in the community. She also understands that to have a diverse and inclusive city, Medford needs more accessible transportation and affordable housing. She recognizes the impact of climate change on the community. She is dedicated to fighting for better air quality, greater tree coverage, enhanced stormwater management solutions, and more sustainable practices such as composting and reusing materials. She is also committed to boosting arts and culture efforts throughout Medford with increased child and teen programming and more city-wide festivals that celebrate the whole of the population.

As a collegiate athlete and a former software salesperson, Jaclyn is a competitor and a leader who excels at building relationships. She is relentless in her pursuits, but she does so with grace, positivity, and by making genuine connections with others. To learn more about her platform or contribute to her campaign, visit jaclynroth.org