Ruby Dickson

Colorado House of Representatives, District 37

Ruby will be an important voice for equality in Colorado!


Ruby Dickson is a lifelong Colorado Democrat. As an economist and international climate activist, she has dedicated her life to service.

As part of their Jewish heritage, Ruby’s family prioritized service, and she loved volunteering in the community. Soon, however, chronic illnesses in the family inflicted the sort of economic hardship that’s too common in America. Eventually, her family made trips to the community pantry to collect food, rather than to volunteer.

These childhood experiences changed the course of her life. She became a relentless activist for change, and dedicated herself to learning how to improve people’s lives. After many years of hard work, Ruby completed graduate school in Economics at the University of Oxford.

She’s now an economist working on behalf of charitable foundations. Over the course of Ruby’s career, she’s directed hundreds of millions of dollars toward solutions to poverty and climate change.

But charity is not enough. Our government can and should do more to fix the problems facing our communities, and that is why Ruby is running for office. She brings the passion of a reformer, the analytical skills of an economist, and the perspective of an ordinary Coloradan. Ruby will fight every day to build a better future for Colorado kids.

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