Salah Czapary

DC Council

Salah will be the first Arab American elected to the DC Council!


Salah Czapary is proud to call Ward 1 home. The son of a Palestinian refugee and a Hungarian immigrant, Salah grew up in Rockville, Maryland, the youngest of four children. He joined the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) in 2016 to serve his community. Assigned as a patrol officer to the Fourth District, Salah experienced firsthand the daily realities of the city – both positive and challenging.

He continued his public service when he joined the MPD headquarters staff to run a number of outreach and volunteer programs. While at MPD, Salah completed a Fellowship at the Georgetown Law Center in Innovative Policing and The George Washington University’s Program for Excellence in Municipal Management.

These diverse experiences shape Salah’s understanding of the problems and opportunities we face as a city and a community.

On February 12, 2022, Salah announced his campaign to represent Ward 1 — driven by the same motivation to be of service. Our city has enormous challenges ahead that we must overcome to ensure it is a place where all people feel valued, where opportunity is equally shared, where people are safe and respected, and where everyone can proudly call DC home.

From safer streets and affordable housing to clean energy, no issue is beyond our ability. Salah believes that solutions often start with asking the right questions, “What is not working and what can we do to fix it?” If we are willing to truly commit ourselves to work in good faith to solve problems — to really use city government as a tool to improve people’s daily lives — then there’s no telling what we can accomplish, together.

It is not only about our city government. It is about inspiring each and every individual to play a role in bettering their communities and giving them the tools they need to make a difference. If elected to serve by the people of Ward 1, Salah will work to give more people, communities, and civic institutions the opportunity to become even more deeply engaged in our city’s development and progress. It’s about all of us, working together.

Everyone deserves to be fairly represented — if elected, Salah would be the first Arab-American on the DC Council and the only openly LGBTQ sitting member since 2015.

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