Samuel Yingling

Illinois House of Representatives, District 62


Sam will continue to be a voice for the LGBTQ community in Illinois


Sam Yingling is a native of central Lake County and lives in Grayslake. A third-generation resident of the area, Sam is deeply rooted in the community and has committed his life to fighting for its economic and social prosperity.

As a child, most of Sam’s time away from school was spent helping at a family restaurant his grandfather and parents started in 1972 in Wildwood and Round Lake Beach. Along with his sister and brother, Sam was expected to contribute to the restaurant’s success. In this setting, Sam learned that everyone deserves respect and equal treatment. He also learned the meaning of service and that hard work and a positive attitude could make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Sam is committed to making sure that government can better serve its citizens. As Avon Township supervisor he cut the township’s budget while protecting important services. In Springfield, he continues to fight to consolidate the many layers of local government that provide duplicative services and drive up property taxes.

Sam also supported education funding reform legislation that helped bring millions of dollars in additional state funds to local school districts. The legislation also establishes a way forward for local school districts to lower their property tax levy.

Most recently, Sam is fighting to make the Lake County Assessor an elected position to hold them accountable to taxpayers. Recently, locally elected township assessors held the line on property taxes, but when property tax assessments when tot the Lake County Assessor for finalization, levies were increased, instead of remaining the same. Making the Lake County Assessor an elected position will hold them responsible to taxpayers.

Sam continues to work on many other important issues affecting the community including, serving on the state heroin task force to develop a legislative plan to address the addiction problems. Sam also is working to increase investment in renewable energy and supports efforts to make our lakes and air cleaner. Additionally, Sam is fighting to make health care more affordable and accessible and helped pass legislation that would prevent insurers in Illinois from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

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