Sandis Wright

Andover School Committee


Sandis will be the first out LGBTQ person ever elected to the Andover School Committee!


Sandis is running for school committee because it’s a logical next step given the previous work he has done throughout his career and with previous community engagement. He is excited to help shape the future of Andover Public Schools not only for his own daughters, but for all students and their families across Andover.

Sandis grew up in Northern Maine originally in the town of New Sweden and has lived in Andover since 2011. His husband and he have been together for nearly 30 years and they have two daughters, age 9 at Bancroft and age 12 at Doherty. After living in Chicago and Atlanta, they decided to come back to New England to be closer to our families in the area shortly after their first daughter was born in Atlanta. As they were looking for a community to settle into, they chose Andover mainly because of its reputation for a quality public school system.

Sandis has worked in health insurance for over 25 years, where he is currently a managing director in Information Management in a government program (he works from home full time). He is also involved in diversity, equity and inclusion including being the co-chair of our Pride LGBT Associate Resource Group and he is on our Diversity Council.

In these roles, Sandis frequently facilitates consensus building to find common ground on a variety of issues, all while challenging the status quo – all skills which are transferable to the school committee.

With his kids being in Andover elementary and middle schools, Sandis has worked closely with the school staff, teachers and other families through leadership roles on parent teacher groups and by participating on several committees, such as community awareness at Bancroft Elementary and Doherty Middle Schools, and he has worked with the district-wide cultural climate committee (C3). He is in his second year on the board of A Better Chance of Andover, a community school program which strives to address gaps in educational equity for students of color.

He was appointed to the Town of Andover’s Commission for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, which is focused on addressing issues of systemic racism and discrimination, ensuring Andover is inclusive and welcoming for everyone. Sandis is proud of the work that the commission has done so far, especially creating a strategic plan which includes a component to support our youth and to endorse the work being done on inclusion and equity throughout Andover public schools.

Finally, Sandis also co-coordinates Andover’s Community Service Day held on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday to promote a day on of service (2022 will be the 2nd annual service day). In this role he works with Andover schools to engage students, parents, teachers and the broader community to give back by volunteering on a number of service-related projects.

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