Sarah Peake

Massachusetts House of Representatives, 4th Barnstable District

Sarah has been an advocate for LGBTQ and rural communities in her time in the Massachusetts legislature!


Sarah has served in the Massachusetts Legislature since 2007. She was there and whipped the votes to ensure marriage would remain safe and legal in Massachusetts. She has successfully passed legislation to ensure that lipodystrophy therapy is required coverage by MassHealth and private insurers in Massachusetts. She has successfully fought for protections for LGBTQ+ seniors. As a member of the House leadership team, she was instrumental in bringing legislation to the floor that bans conversion therapy. Beginning next session, Sarah will be the longest serving LGBTQ+ incumbent in the Massachusetts Legislature.

In addition to the above, Sarah is an environmental champion, helped craft support for the arts and cultural sector and the many small businesses in her district. Sarah has been the Legislative Commissioner to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission since 2009.

She has a large list of accomplishments and an even bigger “to do” list of the work ahead.

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