Sarah Peters

Nevada State Assembly, District 24

Sarah will continue serving as one of only two out pansexual state representatives in the country!


Sarah Peters is a second term Assemblywoman. In the 2021 legislative session, Sarah served as Vice Chair of the Assembly Health and Human Services Committee and Chaired the General Government Subcommittee of the Assembly Committee on Ways and Means.

Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering and works as an environmental consultant at a local engineering firm. Sarah is the primary provider and mom of three children. Her husband, Matt, is a Marine veteran who served three combat tours in Iraq and is the stay-at-home parent. While environmental issues are her expertise, Sarah fights for equity and representation from historically underrepresented demographics in politics and legislation as well as in local community work.

On the 2021 National Coming Out Day, Sarah made a statement on the floor of the Assembly announcing herself as pansexual. Although Sarah has identified as queer all her life, this was her first time talking about it on such a public platform. As Chair of the Nevada 2021-22 Interim Health and Human Services Committee, Sarah will continue to advance equity in the discussions of health and human services policy needs in Nevada. She is looking forward to continuing to earn the honor of representing Nevada Assembly District 24 for another 2 years.

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