Lynnette Shaw

Oregon House of Representatives, District 24

Lynnette will be the first LGBTQ person elected to Oregon state office from a rural district!


Lynnette Shaw is a small business owner, entrepreneur and community activist.  
Prior to 2016’s national election, she understood her role in electoral politics to be strictly as a voter and sometimes as a volunteer for campaigns that spoke to her and her values. But circumstances change – and after that election she stepped up her role as a community organizer and refocused her attention on local politics. The Republican walkout in Oregon’s last regular session absolutely lifted her out of thinking that running for office was someone else’s job. Watching that assault on Oregon’s democracy, and wondering who would step up to put a stop to the drift of toxic and obstructionist national politics into the state – she decided that that someone was her.  
Her early background is quintessentially working class. Both of her parents were the first generation off of the ranch and out of poverty in rural California – they relied on public service jobs to build a life for themselves and their kids. With three generations of her family in the fire service, those deep public service roots taught her everything she knows about sacrifice, commitment and being of service to her community. 

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