Justin Sheldon

Kent County Commissioner, District 11

Justin will be the first openly gay man elected to the Kent County Board of Commissioners!


I grew up in a single parent, middle class home. My mother worked as a Correctional Officer at the State Prison of Southern Michigan in my hometown of Jackson. Growing up, I was surrounded by civil servants, either through law enforcement, corrections, or military. I have learned firsthand the commitment needed to be a valuable public servant and I will bring this level of commitment to the Kent County Board of Commissioners. Honesty, unfortunately, is no longer associated with politics and politicians. I am not a politician; I am first and foremost an educator. As an educator, I value honesty and recognition of facts without bias. In this era of disinformation, stating the truth (and being true to your values) is more important than ever. As an educator, I have also honed critical thinking skills, as well as out of the box thinking, which will be useful on the County Commission. As a young adult, the challenge of having my life disrupted because of the hard times that fell upon my family also helps me keep things in perspective. I appreciate the true value of even the simplest of things, such as a home and stable living situation. I have sincere empathy for those who are not as fortunate and are struggling, because I have been there. It is these values that I hope to bring to the Kent County Commission, and I hope I can earn your support.”

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