Amanda Shelton

Oakland County Circuit Court Judge

Amanda will be the first out lesbian judge elected in Oakland County!


Amanda began her professional practice in 2004 in the commercial litigation department at Pepper Hamilton LLP (“Pepper”) a national law firm with attorneys throughout the United States. As an associate, she litigated at the state and federal level for large and small corporate clients. Her areas of practice included general commercial litigation, employment, insurance claim defense (commercial),bankruptcy preference litigation, and construction litigation. Together with Mary K. Deon, another Pepper associate attorney, she started the Shelton & Deon Law Group (“SDLG”) in 2011. SDLG is a litigation boutique serving individuals and business. Her commercial practice focuses on general business counseling, commercial transactions and litigation, non-profit management, real-estate disputes and employment matters. In her commercial practice, she frequently appears in state and federal courts (both trial and appellate), regulatory and other administrative proceedings and various private arbitration and alternative resolution forums. For individuals her practice includes family law, probate, general civil litigation including real estate, employment matters and estate planning. Beyond her paid services to corporate and individual clients, she has worked pro bono throughout her legal career to improve the lives of LGBTQ people in Michigan. At Pepper, she worked with the ACLU on cases that led to marriage equality. SDLG frequently offers its services at no or low cost to LGBTQ people seeking to secure their rights in family and probate matters and to create same-sex estate and family planning arrangements. She is also a frequent speaker and instructor on LGBTQ issues.

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