Signe Lindell

Santa Fe City Council, District 1


Signe will continue to be a tireless voice for her constituents in Santa Fe!


Signe Lindell is seeking re-election to the City of Santa Fe City Council.

Signe is a dedicated public servant known for her focus on constituent services, affordable housing, and animal welfare issues. Signe is always listening, caring, and delivering for her constituents in Santa Fe, NM’s District 1, and strives to deliver for everyone who lives in Santa Fe. Signe shares her life with her partner of twenty-five years, Maria Sanchez and follows the advice of her 103-year-old Mother, “work as long as you can—you’ll have plenty of time to be useless!” Signe is far from being ready to be useless and in fact believes good public servants are needed now more than ever.

Prior to election as a city councilor Signe served as a Planning Commissioner. While serving on the City Council Signe has served as the Mayor Pro-Tem for the past five years, on the Finance committee.
Growing up on a dairy farm in Western New York Signe worked and studied hard becoming the first in her family to attend college. She earned her Doctorate in Education at age 25 and taught at Kent State University. Signe moved to New Mexico, and opened a successful business which she sold after 15 years. She then took a position with Homewise, a non profit focused on affordable housing and helping people achieve homeownership.
Signe says, “I don’t think any of us could’ve imagined the state of the world we would be living in and I am not one to walk away from a challenge. By nature I am driven to help.” 

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