Beau Simon

Broward County Soil and Water Supervisor , District 5

Beau will become Florida's Youngest Elected LBGTQ official to hold public office!


As a lifelong resident who was born and raised in Broward County Beau has always felt the need to serve his community. Beau has served in the Educational Sector of Broward County by serving on over half a dozen School Board committees including the Diversity Committee, Health and Wellness, Calendar, District Advisory Council and so many more. There is a need for good public servants who have the energy and charisma to serve their community. As a Soil and Water Board Supervisor Beau promises to use his platform to educate his constituents on the importance of Wildlife Conservation, Manatee Protection, Recycling, and preserving our ecosystem. As Broward County continues to grow in size we must also grow with understanding how to preserve our roots here in South Florida. A vote for Beau this November is a vote of confidence for keeping Broward BEAUtiful.

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