Ismail Smith-Wade-El

Lancaster City Council

Ismail will continue to bring important representation to Lancaster!


Ismail Smith-Wade-El is a Lancaster native who is proud to serve his hometown as a member of City Council. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, he has spent his career serving the community. First in behavioral health and drug and alcohol rehabilitation, then as a grant writer and researcher for organizations such as the Spanish American Civic Association, the Community Action Partnership and the Coalition to Combat Poverty. He currently works with LancCoMyHome (the Lancaster County Homelessness Coalition) where he works to secure housing for Lancaster’s most vulnerable populations. He also serves on the boards of the United Way of Lancaster County, the Lancaster Public Library, Safehouse, and the Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition. As Lancaster City Council President, Ismail has led the fight to decriminalize marijuana, invest in safe and affordable housing, and protect our queer and trans youth. He believes that when we move from behind closed doors to mass participation, we can do so much better for our constituents. Bringing residents who have been excluded from politics — our poor, working-class, Black and Brown, and immigrant neighbors — is how we make Lancaster work for all of us.

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