Louise Snodgrass

South Dakota House of Representatives, District 7

Spotlight Candidate

Will be the first openly genderqueer state legislator in the United States!


Louise Snodgrass (they/them) is a home-grown South Dakotan dedicated to public service and advocacy. Their conservation and disaster-recovery work with AmeriCorps taught them about community resilience and how to intersect their passions with meaningful change. Louise manages the Brookings Farmers Market, serves as the board president of the Dakota Community Market Food Co-op, and operates an agri-tourism farm. They spearhead community-led initiatives such as Brookings’ first Pride Festival and community trash clean-ups. The Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce has selected Louise to participate in their 2020 leadership course.

As a working-class farmer, Louise shares many of the same needs their neighbors face. They hope to create legislation that works for everyone, regardless of their background and economic class. Their commitment to everyday South Dakotans includes striving for economic justice, sustainable agriculture practices, and upholding and protecting human rights so that everyone feels proud to call this state their home.

Like farming, growing a healthy and strong community requires intentional care and anticipating future needs rather than hastily responding to issues after they come up. South Dakotans deserve leadership that champions progressive policy-making and commits to community outreach and growth.

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