Matthew Sparks

Oakland Park City Commission

Matthew will continue to be a strong voice for equality and leader in his community!


Matthew Sparks has served as Commissioner, Vice Mayor and, currently, as Mayor guiding the Oakland Park through this pandemic while keeping the business and development of the city on track and moving forward. His main reason for running for re-election is  to see the currently planned vision for Oakland Park through to its fruition and beyond. Throughout his past 4 years, he has learned that what residents value most is Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency when it comes to decisions that he makes from the Dias. As the only incumbent running For 3 open seats, he has a unique bank of knowledge that will be imperative to both continuing the work currently before the commission as well as the ability to hit the ground running if elected for a second term. He is committed to representing both the diverse residents of Oakland Park as well as the LGBTQ community. As an openly gay and HIV+ Mayor, he is proud to lead visibly from the Dais, breaking stigmas through action and education.

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