Stacy Hackenberg

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4

Stacy Hackenberg's victory will preserve LGBTQ leadership in Round Rock


Stacy Hackenberg is active at United Christian Church, a United Church of Christ and Disciples of Christ blended congregation, in Austin. She is former Council Co-Chair for Social Justice. She is a strong advocate for LGBTQ rights and a firm believer in the power of education to improve lives. During the 2017 Texas Legislative session and special session, she testified three times against the bathroom bill. She completed the Pacific School of Religion’s Gender, Sexuality, and the Bible Certificate program to help further her LGBTQ activism. 
In her first year in office, she and fellow JP KT Musselman requested permission from the County Commissioner’s Court to fly the Pride flag at their courthouses during the month of June and the POW/MIA flag the week of Veteran’s Day. The Pride flag request became a focus for County Judge Bill Gravell. He took to Facebook to hold a poll on community response, which was overwhelmingly negative. To counter that, she ran a similar poll on Twitter which responded in the reverse – overwhelmingly positive. While the flag initiative was voted down, Judge Hackenberg worked with community leaders to create Williamson County’s first-ever Pride event in 2020 – a virtual Pride in Taylor, TX. This year is on the planning committee for the first-ever in-person Pride event, once again in Taylor. She is proud to announce that multiple municipalities in the county have reached out to the committee to learn how to host their own Pride events.

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