Steven Kirkland

Harris County District Court, 334th District

Steven will continue to provide LGBTQ leadership in the Texas judicial system


Judge Steven Kirkland has 15 years of judicial experience, 29 years of legal experience and over thirty years of community service in Houston, Texas. Judge Kirkland, currently serving in the 334th Civil District Court of Harris County, is the longest serving open LGBT Judge in the state of Texas. He has been recognized with breakthrough leadership awards from the Victory Fund, the LGBT Law Section of the State Bar of Texas, Stonewall Lawyers of Greater Houston, Houston Stonewall Young Democrats and been granted Lifetime membership in the Houston Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus.

Judge Kirkland is active in promoting recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, affordable housing, historic preservation, and LGBT rights. His affordable housing projects have been recognized with awards by the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance and he was awarded the 2006 Government Friend of the Homeless by Coalition for the Homeless of Houston and Harris County.

His professional career includes representing the City of Houston, international oil companies and individual homeowners. Judge Kirkland arrived in Houston from West Texas in order to attend Rice University. After graduating from Rice with a history degree in 1982, he worked as a paralegal at Texaco in order to put himself through the University of Houston Law School.

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