Timothy Sweeney

Bristol Town Council


Timothy will continue to be a voice for equality on the Bristol Town Council


Timothy Edward Sweeney is running for reelection to the Bristol Town Council this year. He was first elected in 2012 and was reelected in 2014, 2016 and 2018. He has been serving as Vice Chair of the Town Council since his 2014 election. Sweeney is the first openly gay elected official in his community and was a part of a coalition of municipal leaders in the 2013 campaign for marriage equality in RI. After RI passed this landmark legislation in 2013, Sweeney married his partner, Erich, and has been supporting proactive legislation in the state for equality and lends his voice whenever he can. Sweeney is an environmental steward and has worked hard to lead initiatives in his community to preserve our natural resources and save tax payers money in the process. Tim believes that by listening and working together we can make long-lasting positive change and change hearts and minds on so many issues. 

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