Taylor Small

Vermont House of Representatives, Chittenden 21


Taylor will continue to be a voice for equality in the state of Vermont!


Rep. Taylor Small (P/D) is an incumbent candidate for the Vermont House of Representatives for the Chittenden 21 district.

Rep. Small is a strong advocate for marginalized Vermonters in both her professional and personal lives and seeks to continue to bring this work to the Vermont legislature. She knows and understands that by creating systems to support the communities among us who face the greatest barriers and needs, we can truly uplift all Vermonters.

Rep. Small currently serves as the Education Program Manager at Pride Center of Vermont, a statewide non-profit organization serving the needs of LGBTQ+ Vermonters. In her role, she works closely with health and human service professionals to navigate health disparities specific to the LGBTQ+ community. One of her greatest passions is increasing access to care for marginalized community members through educational outreach and evidence-based interventions. She has conducted training sessions for thousands of healthcare and human service providers across the state of Vermont and aims to increase cultural competency statewide.

Her activism has taken many shapes and forms over the years, but the most notable is her drag persona, Nikki Champagne. Alongside her business partner, Emoji Nightmare, she has had the opportunity to provide Drag Queen Story Hours across the state promoting local libraries and youth literacy, host fundraisers to help support Vermont’s non-profit organizations and create safer spaces for LGBTQ+ community members to come together. Rep. Small believes that through visibility, education, and love, we can create a more compassionate state.

Rep. Small’s key priorities for her next term in the statehouse are to provide paid leave for all working Vermonters, improve access to safe and affordable housing as well as homeownership, and improving our education funding streams to best serve our students and teachers. Her approach to the work is to make policies that uplift our young, working-class, disabled, LGBTQ+, Black, indigenous, and other people of color; voices that are under-represented and often unheard in Montpelier.

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