Teri Johnston

Mayor of Key West

Teri is one of Florida's first lesbian mayors!


Elected as Key West’s 2nd Woman Mayor in 2018, Teri has since become the 1st woman to be reelected to that position in the 200 years history of Key West. Teri has also broken ground as the 1st openly lesbian Mayor in the State of Florida.

Reelected in 2020 in a 3 way race, Teri is running for her 3rd 2 year term as Mayor after guiding Key West through a challenging Covid 19 pandemic.

Johnston is focusing this 3rd term on hardening Key West to the effects of Sea Level Rise, Workforce housing for our labor force, revitalizing Key West’s iconic Duval Street and Mallory Square and developing a world class transportation system to reduce congestion on the narrow streets of Key West. She is determined to keep Key West as one of the beacons of inclusivity.

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