Shawn Terry

Texas House of Representatives, District 108

Shawn will be the only openly gay man in the Texas House of Representatives


Shawn Terry is running for the Democratic nomination to represent District 108 in the Texas Legislature. Shawn is a fifth-generation Texan, Dad, successful entrepreneur, out gay man and strong supporter of Democratic values.

Shawn is running to represent a district Democrats lost by only 220 votes and will work to change the tone and policies of the Texas Legislature. As a successful entrepreneur, Shawn knows that Texas will enhance its business community by embracing diversity and attracting capital and talented workers. Unlike Texas’ current political leadership, Shawn believes Texas should stop pursuing divisive legislation aimed at restricting the rights of women and LGBTQ Texans.

If elected, Shawn will work to improve our public schools and will focus on improving the quality of education for early learners. He will also improve access to quality health care for all Texans and will seek to ensure all children in Texas have access to health insurance. Shawn will fight to recapture the almost $10 billion a year of Medicaid funding Texas doesn’t recapture from the federal government. Shawn’s race is critical for Democrats’ efforts to win control of the Texas House and thwart Republican gerrymandering. Democrats need nine seats for the majority.

Shawn would be the ONLY out gay man in Texas State government. His historic candidacy will serve as a message to the nation that Texas is changing and that Texas is welcoming to the LGBTQ community.

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