Tiffany Cabán

New York City Council, District 22

Tiffany will be one of the youngest council members in New York City!


Tiffany Cabán is a 33 year-old Queer Latina running for City Council in New York City’s 22nd District. She is a former public defender and former candidate for district attorney in Queens, New York. In four years at New York County Defender Services and three years at the Legal Aid Society’s Criminal Defense Practice, Tiffany represented over a thousand indigent clients in cases from turnstile jumping to homicide. Her experiences there- confronting a system criminalizing poverty, mental health issues, and substance use disorder- led her to center redefining public safety in her run to transform the Queens District Attorney’s office. Her grassroots campaign brought together an unprecedented coalition fighting for a new vision of people-powered justice. That vision activated local energy and garnered national and international attention, setting the agenda for the elections, and pushing all candidates to meet the call for new positions on cash bail, jails, real estate accountability, immigration, and sex work. Currently, she works at the Working Families Party as a national political organizer and senior strategist, where she supports the progressive organization’s work to support, train, and elect the next generation of transformational district attorney candidates. Tiffany currently lives in Astoria and is the proud mom of two rescue dogs, Natalie and Coltrane.

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