Tony Smith

Denver City Council, District 10

Tony will be the first openly gay man elected to the Denver City Council


Tony has always been a loyal and committed community organizer. He first learned the importance and value of building and celebrating community from his mother—through her volunteer work with the Filipino American Association.

To this day, it brings Tony the greatest joy when people come together—to celebrate family and friendships or to meet their neighbors. Connection is a vital element of a thriving city and society.

Serving the many diverse Denver communities is Tony’s greatest motivation. He has served on several Boards and Commissions including the LGBT Center, Commission on Aging and the Parks and Rec Advisory Board.

Starting November 2016, Tony has woken up every day with the desire to help all citizens feel connected to and represented by government. This must start at the municipal level. District 10 is diverse and growing, and Tony will work to represent each of its members—each and every day.

Tony and his husband, Jim, have been together for 16 years, and married for ten.

Importance of Candidacy:

  • Tony will be the first openly gay man elected to the Denver City Council.
  • He will be the first Asian-American elected to the Denver City Council.

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