Torrey Harris

Tennessee House of Representatives, District 90


Torrey is one of the first two out LGBTQ member of the Tennessee legislature!


Torrey Harris is an incumbent Tennessee State Representative serving areas of Memphis, Tennessee. In this time Representative Torrey Harris has been able to pass 7 bills into law, which is more than any freshman legislator has done in Tennessee modern day history. Torrey serves as the youngest state elected official as well as the first openly LGBTQ state elected official.

As a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, Torrey serves on Civil Justice Committee, Children & Families Committee, and Education Instruction Committee. Torrey has been able to not only pass great legislation, but stop really bad legislation like the No Age Requirement & Anti-LGBTQ Marriage license as well as the ‘Don’t Mention LGBTQ in Textbooks’.

Torrey Harris works diligently as a well-known and vocally outspoken leader in his community as the only representative in the state with less than 1% of unemployment claims due to his efforts with the Tennessee Workforce & Labor Development division. He also is known as the liquor guy to many, as he works very hard to ensure that new businesses in his area can receive the licenses and certifications they need to quickly open their businesses.

Transparency is very important to Torrey and he does his absolute best to ensure everyone is aware of what happens in the State of Tennessee that effects the lives of everyone.

He lives by the mantra, “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others, and if we can’t help them… at least, don’t hurt them.”

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