Tracy Mitrano

U.S. House of Representatives, NY-23

Game Changer

Tracy will be the only openly bisexual member of the U.S. House of Representatives



Tracy Mitrano was born and raised in Rochester to an Italian and Irish family and learned early the meaning of hard work in her father’s restaurant in downtown Rochester. She was the first member of her family to go to college because her parents wanted her to have choices in life that they did not have. In large part because of their sacrifice, Tracy went on to receive a PhD in American History from Binghamton University and a law degree from Cornell.

Tracy taught American History, family and social policy, and Internet law and practiced corporate and family law before spending 12 years as the Director of Information Technology Policy at Cornell University. In 2014, she opened an information management, security, and privacy consulting business and, in 2016, created a cybersecurity certificate program for the University of Mass-
Amherst. Tracy was a member of the EDUCAUSE Board, the NYS BOE Task Force on Distance Education and the Tompkins County Legislature’s Broadband Committee.

Tracy’s policymaking experience will allow her to start working on day one to develop legislative solutions to the challenges facing the district and nation. With decades of experience in large institutions, she know how to bring people together from different sides of an issue to make progress on complex subjects. Tracy’s experience in cybersecurity policy gives me a unique understanding of the threats that face our nation today and the ways in which our federal government has a role in protecting our privacy and keeping us safe.

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