Travis Swanson

Advisory Neighborhood Commission, 7B03


Travis will be an important voice for equality on the ANC!


During his time in college, Travis served as Chair of his university College Democrats chapter, and later went on to serve as Chair of the county Democratic Party. During his final year of college, he was elected to the County Board of Supervisors – the legislative body who makes laws for the county – where he represented the residents of Winnebago County’s 13th supervisory district. Since 2016, he has served on the board of the Randle Highlands Citizens’ Civic Association, and since 2021 has been representing ANC 7B03, which currently includes parts of the Dupont Park, Fairlawn, Randle Highlands, and Twining communities. During his tenure on ANC 7B he has been responsive to the communities who entrusted him to be their voice and have been successful and effective at addressing the issues people have raised. Additionally, Travis serves as the Treasurer of the Pennsylvania Avenue East Community Coalition, a community group focused on responsible economic development along the Pennsylvania Avenue corridor in Ward 7. The newly redrawn 7B03 has shifted to only include the Randle Highlands community, and Travis is ready to continue working for the community he loves to help better the lives of people in 7B03, Ward 7, and Washington, D.C. at-large.

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