Mauree Turner

Oklahoma House of Representatives, District 88

Mauree will be a strong champion for equality in Oklahoma!


Mauree (they/she) is a born and raised community organizer whose focus is in justice system reform. Their experience growing up in Oklahoma with an incarcerated parent, a single-parent household, and a product of Oklahoma’s public education system is not unique, but a story thousands of Oklahoman’s share. Mauree works directly in holistic justice system reform, LGBTQ+ equity justice, religious freedom, and cultural sensitivity. Their life’s works is geared towards fighting for and maintaining the civil rights and liberties for all who enter America. They have worked with the NAACP, CAIR, ACLU as well as a number or grassroots organizations based in Oklahoma. Mauree is a Black, Queer, Muslim, Femme from Oklahoma Running to be the next Representative of Oklahoma City’s House District 88. House District 88 is one of Oklahoma’s most progressive places to live in Oklahoma, which is why Mauree understands the person holding this seat should be driving conversation about what equitable policy looks like in action, as well as creating community-based solutions for issues until they can fix them in the legislature. 

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