Vincent Slatt

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, 2B03


Vincent will be an important voice for equality on the ANC!


Vincent (he/him) is a gay man and has never regretted coming out. He has seen clouds in his life, but has often found a rainbow. Vincent grew up in a family business and had great educational opportunities, living abroad and studying 10 languages. He’s been politically engaged since his time as a paperboy, reading the headlines while delivering the news, and escorting his immigrant grandma to the polls. Vincent is a federal reference librarian with 20 years experience in libraries, archives, and museums helping other people to succeed in their goals. Over the last decade, he has volunteered as the director of archiving for the Rainbow History Project, where he donates his professional skills to document the history of Washington’s gay communities. His first bumper sticker said “Bartlett is my President,” and Vincent believes that effective government and high-quality services are the best way to improve the lives of all people. He seeks to ask good questions and strives to be part of the solution and not the problem. “Stronger Together” was not just Her slogan, it is Vincent’s core value.

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