Ethan Weaver

Los Angeles City Council

Ethan will restore LGBTQ+ representation on the LA City Council!


Ethan Weaver knew from an early age that he was attracted to men. But growing up in a strict religious home and attending a church that held anti-LGBTQ beliefs, he struggled with is identity for years. It wasn’t until Ethan attended college that he was able to accept himself as a gay man.

Like so many other LGBTQ+ individuals, when Ethan came out to his parents, he was met with rejection. Ethan knew it would be one of the last times he would speak with his parents, so he gathered his belongings from home and returned to law school.

After graduating from UCLA School of Law, Ethan dedicated his career to serving the people of Los Angeles. He became a prosecutor in the City Attorney’s Office where he fought for victims in cases ranging from consumer protection to domestic violence, and DUIs. In 2018, Ethan was appointed to be the Neighborhood Prosecutor in Hollywood.

As Neighborhood Prosecutor, Ethan worked with neighbors, businesses, community groups, and City agencies to tackle such quality of life problems as homelessness, illegal dumping, graffiti, and party houses. When Ethan took office, Hollywood was experiencing an explosion of sexual assault and violent crimes occurring at nightclubs on Hollywood Boulevard. Ethan led a task force to compel operators to follow the rules and to shut down those who refused to change.

As short-term rentals became popular, chronic party houses began destroying neighborhoods. Ethan worked alongside the community to go after the property owners who were profiting at the cost of their neighbors. When an individual began renting small rent-controlled apartments and turning them into hostels with over 30 beds, Ethan worked with the Housing department to protect tenants and shut the operation down.

Ethan has also helped spearhead Project LEAD, a program designed to divert homeless opioid users out of the criminal justice system and into services and housing.

Now, Ethan is running for City Council to continue fighting for his community and putting the needs of our neighborhoods in the 4th District first. He’ll work to cut the red tape that is holding Los Angeles back from being able to address homelessness, build more affordable housing, bring in new businesses to create good paying jobs, and combat climate change in an efficient manner.

Ethan lives in Los Feliz with his partner Michael.