William Smith

Van Buren Township Board

William was the first out LGBTQ person to be elected to the Van Buren Township Council!


Will Smith is currently completing his first term on the Van Buren Township Board. He remains committed to helping Township residents thrive by fostering community, supporting working families in need, and advocating for constituents.

During his first term, Smith collaborated with other Van Buren officials to get the Township more and better paid firefighters. We achieved this by working with County leaders and Township residents to have the Township join the Monroe Fire Protection District, a merger that officially began in 2021. Smith also backed the Township’s projects to provide the necessary infrastructure to house these additional firefighters and to further enhance public safety in the Township. This effort yielded an expanded and remodeled fire station at the airport and a brand-new station in Stanford.

Smith has championed improvements to the Township Assistance Guidelines since being first elected. This work led to increases in the income eligibility guidelines in 2020 and 2021, the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity among the list of protected categories from discrimination, and a revision of how outstanding utility bills are handled. Additionally, Smith supported the Trustee’s efforts to increase the rental assistance guidelines in 2021 to better match the realities of rapidly rising housing costs in the Township.

As when he ran in 2018, Smith remains committed to finding ways to ensure safe homes and secure families for everyone in Van Buren Township.

Smith has been involved in the local community over the years, such as volunteering with the Monroe County Public Library’s VITAL program and the ACA Volunteers for Monroe County. He has taught on Christian history for Indiana University’s Lifelong Learning program and First Christian Church of Bloomington.

Smith currently works as an Associate Director of Advising for the College of Arts + Sciences at IU, where he was also twice elected President of the Bloomington Academic Advising Council. He holds degrees in history, theology, and religious studies from Albright College, Harvard University, and IU. Smith has also worked in factory, retail, and hospitality jobs over the years.

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