Trevor Youngquist

Eaton County Commission, District 6


Trevor will be the first out LGBTQ member of the Eaton County Commission and any county commission in Mid-Michigan!


TJ is a lifelong Michigander and openly gay cis male. Having served in public service for over six years, TJ has a passion for social advocacy and dynamic teams who strive for opportunities to develop safe spaces for the most vulnerable in the community. TJ is running for the Eaton County Commission in the 6th District because he believes in conscious leadership, collective decision-making, and community-building. Despite the political and social divisions we face, TJ craves greater cooperation, team-oriented solutions, and equity development. Boldness and integrity are needed in public office because there are too many opportunities for those who do harm to our communities to make decisions. TJ will advocate for everyone in the 6th District, including his queer, nonconforming, and nonbinary peers. 

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