Zachary Niemiec

North Tonawanda Common Council, Ward 2

Zachary is one of just five openly LGBTQ elected officials in western New York State


Zachary Niemiec is a current sitting School Board Trustee and is Running for 2nd Ward Alderman of North Tonawanda. He believes we can all stand to learn from change and that the residents of North Tonawanda want to see growth and reasonable change, not just tax increases and cuts with nothing to show for them.

Niemiec is striving for unity in the community for all residents and wants to invest in providing more services helping those just starting out and those enjoying retirement. This means working for a fair budget for our community, major infrastructure investments as well as seeking development and growth.

Niemiec aims to “clean up” politics and has already sent the current council a draft resolution on implementing term limits, and he believes in blocking campaign contributions from those who do business with the city.

Simply put, Niemiec was raised with the notion that those who want to lead in their communities should only do so to serve their communities and that people, policy and personal actions are more important than political posturing.

Importance of Candidacy:

  • As a sitting School Board Trustee, Zachary is one of just two openly LGBTQ elected officials in Niagara County, NY
  • Zachary’s bid for Alderman will help build LGBTQ political power in western New York State

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