The Agenda

Dispatches from Arizona’s Unhinged GOP Primary

A brief update from the Grand Canyon State.

Something is awry in the party of Flake and McCain. Much like the Colorado River itself, Arizona’s wells of moderate conservatives are ever diminishing, and GOP Senate candidates are stooping to new lows. “Sheriff” Joe Arpaio has kept a low profile since he was found to have given multiple interviews (and near-verbatim half-apologies) over several years.

Then there’s Steve Bannon’s candidate, Kelli Ward, who a Mitch McConnell-aligned super PAC recently dubbed “Chemtrail Kelli” in an ad buy. Their reasoning? She once hinted at formally investigating chemtrails (the condensation trails left by airplanes) to appease an unruly conspiracy-theory-loving mob. Cut to the apparent moderate Senate hopeful, Rep. Martha McSally.

The Phoenix New Times reveals, “Her campaign materials and public statements have been littered with references to MS-13, sharia law, and chain migration, like a racist version of Mad Libs.” No matter who ends up challenging our endorsee Rep. Kyrsten Sinema in the general, it will likely be an extraordinary pivot.

It is critical for all Americans this LGBTQ champion get elected.