Billy Maddalon

Billy Maddalon owns a small hospitality business in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 1998, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. Billy was appointed to the city council in 2013, but chose not to run for a full term at that time because the previous councilmember—who had temporarily been appointed as mayor—decided to run for the seat again.

Billy has helped raise millions of dollars for LGBT organizations in Charlotte over the last two decades. Billy served on the board for Time Out Youth, an LGBT youth and crisis housing organization. Additionally, Billy and his spouse, Brooks Shelley, have fostered more than 15 children and adopted and raised 2 boys, Jack and Jed. In 2011 the North Carolina Foster and Adoptive Parent Association chose them as the “Adoptive Parents of the Year”.

Billy is running for North Carolina State Representative, District 100.

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