Christopher Constant

Anchorage Downtown Assembly
District 1
General Election Date: 
April 4, 2017

Christopher Constant is a long-serving activist in the Alaska LGBT community. He has served on his local elected community council since 2009, including the past two years as President of the Fairview Community Council. He has worked on a range of critical community projects, resolving the long-term homelessness and chronic public inebriation issues challenging Anchorage. Through his advocacy, the State of Alaska appropriated $4,000,000 to tackle the most challenging of homelessness issues. Chris additionally served on Anchorage Mayor Berkowitz’s transition team seeking long term solutions to the homelessness issue plaguing Anchorage.

Chris has fought to improve the climate for neighborhood businesses and residents by championing road and infrastructure redevelopment projects through economically challenged neighborhoods. He has additionally served as a delegate on Alaska Governor Bill Walker’s Housing Policy Summit in 2016, focusing on bringing substantial private investment to Anchorage and Alaska’s housing issues.

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