Jack Jacobson

DC State Board of Education
Ward 2
Washington, DC
General Election Date: 
November 8, 2016

Education runs deep in Jack’s family. His mother and grandmother were teachers and his parents served on his hometown school board in South Dakota, championing high standards and parental involvement.

For the Jacobsons, education was a pathway to the middle class. Civic involvement was a means of giving back to the community that educated and supported them. Jack brought that work ethic and determination to the District in 2000. He was elected to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission in 2008, serving as a Commissioner until he was elected to represent Ward 2 on the State Board of Education in 2012. He formerly chaired the Board’s Implementation Committee before being elected twice as President of the Board, a position he currently holds.

When not working on local public policy issues, Jack enjoys traveling, cooking and writing. A graduate of Augustana University, Jack works as a policy advisor on energy and environmental issues at a law firm based in the District.