Kate Brown

Governor of Oregon
Salem, OR
General Election Date: 
November 8, 2016

Brown was sworn in as Oregon's 38th Governor in February of 2015, following the resignation of her predecessor, making her the country's first openly bisexual Governor. Immediately prior to that, she served as the Oregon's Secretary of State, where she earned national attention as a fierce champion for voting rights, and was, at that time, the nation's highest ranking LGBT official.

Fighting discrimination of any kind has really been the hallmark of her career. While serving in the Oregon House, Brown came out publicly as LGBT. As a leader in the Oregon State Senate, she was the chief sponsor of the State’s first domestic partnership legislation and a driving force behind successful legislation to ban housing and employment discrimination against members of the LGBT community. Now, as Governor she continues to fight for civil rights and equality for all Oregonians. In her first six months in that office, she signed two important bills: the first banning conversion therapy and the second to help LGBT veterans secure the respect, honor and benefits that are so rightfully theirs for serving our country in the military.

Brown faces two elections in two years, with a special election in 2016 and an election to win a full term as Governor in 2018.

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