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Tammy Under Attack.

Sen. Baldwin called a “pervert” and “disgusting.”

Tammy Baldwin — the first and only openly LGBTQ U.S. Senator — is under attack by an anti-LGBTQ PAC attempting to unseat her in 2018. In a fundraising email, she is called a “pervert” and “disgusting,” and accused of wanting to “require children starting at age 5 to learn about gay sex.”

We need to make sure this attack backfires. When LGBTQ candidates are attacked for their sexual orientation or gender identity, our community MUST respond.

Sign this pledge to warn anti-Tammy PACs that you will punch back twice as hard each time they attack her sexual orientation. She needs your support to win one of the biggest races of 2018.

PLEDGE: Attacks on Senator Baldwin’s sexual orientation are unacceptable.

I pledge to fight back on her behalf every time her sexual orientation is attacked.

Whether through contributions to her campaign or raising awareness among voters and friends, no attack will go unchallenged.

Our community refuses to let homophobic PACs demean LGBTQ candidates — and I will do my part.

Stand with Tammy!