Daniel Penchina

Daniel Penchina
President, Voices for Progress

Daniel is the President of Voices for Progress, a unique organization made up of influential people advocating for the public interest.

Advocacy has everything to do with relationships – building trust and candor so he can move policies that clients want – and Daniel does much more than just shake hands, grin, take the meeting, and move on. He knows no strangers. Daniel uses humor to bring people together and help them get through the sausage-making of how policies are shaped and moved.

In addition to knowing how a bill really becomes a law, Daniel decrypts the Byzantine complexities of federal funding streams for various clients, instructing them which grants to pursue and how to go about doing so.  He lead the charge to save a rehab program for disabled veterans. He helped policymakers understand the need to improve the quality of forensic science, a leading contributor to wrongful convictions. He worked to ban BPAs from baby bottles and sippy cups, and phthalates from toys. He fought for, and helped preserve, DC’s marriage equality law.

Work isn’t enough; and Daniel is active in a number of extra-curriculars to improve lives locally and across the country. He’s past president Q Street, an association of over 1,000 LGBTQ advocates and lobbyists; he is on the Victory Fund Campaign board, which helps to elect openly LGBTQ officials; and he is organizing the LGBTQ community to provide assistance to DC-area LGBTQ asylum seekers from around the world.

Daniel graduated with honors from New York University – and is likely the only lobbyist who’s graduated from film school.