J.D. Angle

J.D. Angle
JD Angle
Board Position: Secretary
Partner, Angle Mastagni Mathews Political Strategies

J.D. wakes each morning thrilled to get to work doing what he loves and excited to discover what he might learn. As the youngest of eight children, JD learned how to persuade, strategize, and count votes at an early age. Unconditional love and support at home even in the absence of economic security grounded J.D. in the possible and our obligation to work together as community. Before graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, J.D. already had five years of professional campaign experience in county, U.S. Senate and presidential elections. Thirty years later, to make the win, bring the change and forge foundational relationships, J.D. holds fast to these principles: be the truth, if it doesn’t make you feel it’s not real and, if you can’t count the yes, no and undecided, it doesn’t count.

Together with partners, Danée Mastagni and Jennifer Mathews, J.D. built the AMM Political Strategies, LLC team in 2009. AMM specializes in comprehensive and integrated telephone and peer-to-peer communication, analytics data collection and targeting, campaign planning and organizational capacity building for several 527s, political action committees, progressive organizations, labor unions and candidates. Working with first time candidates, training, learning from and sharing new ideas with new campaign and advocacy operatives and volunteers are requests J.D. never learned to turn down. He has conducted over 100 trainings and candidate one-on-one consultations and lectured at the University of Texas at Austin, George Washington University and TCU, SMU and Texas Wesleyan University.

J.D. serves as the Chairman of the board for Health Education Learning Project and along with his husband, Joel Burns, they serve as founding partners of Tarrant County’s first LGBT Center for Health and Wellness. J.D. is a past board member and 22-year sustaining member of Equality Texas and served on the Victory Fund Campaign Board for 12 years before joining the Victory Fund Board of Directors.

J.D. and his husband of 26 years, a former Fort Worth City Councilman, share a 1921 Recorded Texas Historic Landmark Arts and Crafts bungalow always open to friends and family. They enjoy making friends who care about their community and strive to make a difference.