J.D. Angle

J.D. Angle
JD Angle
Partner , Angle Mastagni Mathews Political Strategies

As the youngest of eight children, JD learned how to persuade, strategize and count votes at an early age. Before graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, J.D. already had five years of professional campaign experience in county, U.S. Senate and presidential elections. Since then he has become a true force in Democratic campaigns in Texas and around the country.

Before starting his own firm, J.D. was a Vice President at a national targeting and voter contact firm. During his tenure, J.D. consulted in every Democratic Presidential election from 1996 to 2008 as well as with campaigns and committees at all levels in 47 states. He then helped start AMM Political Strategies, which specializes in comprehensive and integrated telephone and peer-to-peer communication, analytics data collection and targeting, campaign planning and organizational capacity building for several 527s, political action committees, and candidates.

J.D. is currently a Senior Advisor to Senator Wendy Davis on her 2014 campaign for Governor of Texas. He served as the general consultant for her 2008 and 2012 State Senate campaigns.

J.D. serves on the Victory Fund Campaign Board.   He is a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Historic Fort Worth, Stonewall Democrats and Human Rights Campaign and an Alumnus of the Texas Lyceum and KERA  Public Media of North Texas Board of Directors.  J.D. has lectured at the University of Texas at Austin, George Washington University and Texas Christian University.

J.D. and his husband of 21 years, Joel Burns, a Fort Worth City Councilman, share a 1921 Arts and Craft bungalow that is always open to friends and family. He enjoys making friends who care about their community and strive to make a difference.