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5 Reasons Daryl Metcalfe is the Top Homophobe to Beat this Year

Daryl Metcalfe, member of the Pennsylvania State Legislature, is widely regarded as one of the biggest homophobes in office. This year, after twenty years in office, his seat is being contested by an openly LGBTQ candidate—Daniel Smith Jr. Here’s why Daniel’s win is so important this election cycle.

1. Daryl infamously blasted a fellow lawmaker who touched his elbow during a committee meeting to get his attention, exclaiming “I am heterosexual. I love my wife, I don’t like men, as you might.”

We’d love to see what happens when a man goes in for a handshake. We promise that we’re not contagious.

2. He called Brian Sims a “lying homosexual,” telling the AP that he said that because being gay is “immoral behavior.” In 2013, he used a legislative rule to prevent Brian Sims from talking about same-sex marriage on the house floor.

As Brian would say, “get bent, then get out!” Maybe get out of office and let Daniel Smith Jr. take over?

3. He sent a letter to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf complaining that replacing “mother” and “father” with “parent” on Pennsylvania birth certificates—a move that would provide parental equality for LGBTQ couples— is “in violation of the law.”

Sorry, Daryl. We didn’t realize using synonyms on government documents was unlawful.

4. He’s repeatedly blocked legislation that would ban LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace and in public accommodations from coming to the House floor, claiming that he believed the majority of the State Government Committee opposes the bill.

Why were you so worried about bringing it to a vote, then, Daryl? Oh, that’s right, because it had 90 cosponsors on both sides of the aisle.

5. This month, he claimed in a fundraising appeal that his opponent, openly gay candidate Daniel Smith Jr, was receiving national attention because “he is a homosexual.”

Maybe he’s getting attention because he’s standing up to you, Daryl.

It’s time to repeat what we did in Virginia last year and replace Daryl Metcalfe with an openly LGBTQ candidate—one who will stand up for minority rights and treat fellow lawmakers with respect. Join us in supporting Daniel Smith, Jr. for the Pennsylvania State Legislature.