Run For Office

America needs more LGBTQ+ elected officials who can be our voice in the halls of power. We need you to run.

It takes courage and determination to run for office as an out LGBTQ+ candidate – but one of the most difficult barriers to increasing our political power is convincing LGBTQ+ people they are qualified and up to the challenge. Studies show LGBTQ+ people often underestimate their abilities and assume they are less qualified than other candidates – despite the opposite being true.

You do not need years of experience in government or a degree from an elite school to run. You need strong ties to your community, a smart strategy and a determination to make a difference. Join the thousands of out LGBTQ+ elected officials nationwide and stand for equality. We need you.

Planning A Run?

If you are planning to run for office, consider the following:

Attend a Victory Institute Candidate & Campaign Training

The four-day, intensive Candidate & Campaign Training from Victory Institute provides LGBTQ+ leaders with the tools and skills necessary to develop a winning campaign strategy.

Read about our endorsement criteria.

We endorse candidates for local, state and federal elective office who identify as LGBTQ+ and support full equality for the community, support efforts to safeguard privacy and reproductive freedom, and demonstrate community support and a viable plan to win.

Apply for Endorsement.

If you decided to run and meet our endorsement criteria, submit your application for our endorsement. Although exceptions apply, we ask all applications be submitted at least 60 days before the election date. We want to help you win!