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87 Victory Fund candidates elected

Above: Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Election Day. Brown became the first openly LGBTQ person elected governor of any state Tuesday night.
As our movement prepares for a presidential administration opposed to LGBTQ equality, LGBTQ elected officials will play an essential role in preventing anti-LGBTQ legislation and demanding equality. Last night several LGBTQ candidates achieved historic wins, and 87 of 135 Victory Fund endorsed LGBTQ candidates won their races.
In response to the presidential election results and victories for LGBTQ candidates across the nation, Victory Fund President & CEO Aisha C. Moodie-Mills released the following statement:
“Today I am heartbroken that racist, xenophobic, sexist and transphobic demagoguery won last night’s presidential election. The devastating results hit the LGBTQ community particularly hard because we are unique in spanning all the demographic groups targeted by the president-elect throughout his campaign. We are Latino, Black, women, Muslims, undocumented and we have disabilities. We are all stronger together, and Victory Fund will continue to work to ensure that our collective voices are represented in the halls of power.
Amidst last night’s darkness, however, there were rays of light. Kate Brown became the nation’s first openly LGBTQ governor, a stunning accomplishment and a win for the history books. Carlos Guillermo Smith became the first openly LGBTQ Latino elected to the Florida state legislature, representing Orlando and many LGBTQ people of color who danced at Pulse nightclub that horrific night. Georgia expanded LGBTQ representation in its state legislature, electing Sam Park to join three other openly LGBTQ voices. And voters reelected all six openly LGBTQ members of Congress despite a tough night for House Democrats – affirmation that LGBTQ leadership is effective and respected.
Now more than ever, LGBTQ elected officials are critical to defending our community and pushing forward equality for LGBTQ people, and Victory Fund will be at their side. We will work to support incumbents and build the next generation of diverse LGBTQ candidates so we can cement our gains and further equality for all people. But let’s not kid ourselves. We made huge strides these past eight years, and last night we took steps back. Now our community and allies need to rally and demand all elected lawmakers – not just LGBTQ elected officials – unequivocally stand on the side of equality for all people.”