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An “outpouring of affection” in Atlanta for BeltLine project Cathy Woolard champions

Above: Cathy Woolard (center) on the BeltLine.
An “outpouring of affection” among Atlantans for its internationally-recognized BeltLine project will boost Victory-endorsed mayoral candidate Cathy Woolard, who had the vision and courage to be its first champion while President of the Atlanta City Council. Cathy proved herself a leader in urban renewal as she spent years organizing support and securing funding for the project – holding more than 90 community meetings across Atlanta to get resident feedback and suggestions. 
Cathy’s commitment pushed the ambitious project forward, and now residents and even once skeptical politicians support the revitalization effort, which converts old railroad lines circling Atlanta into mixed-use trails lined by pocket parks, public art and other places for civic engagement. Cathy became the BeltLine’s chief advocate knowing it would lead to new jobs, more affordable housing, healthier residents and a more prosperous city, and residents are already seeing those benefits.
But there are still challenges facing the project before its completion in 2030, and some missteps have been made. If elected mayor in 2017, Cathy has vowed to ensure the transformational BeltLine meets the high expectations of Atlantans. 
“It’s the most important rail-transit project that’s been proposed in the country, possibly in the world,” said Christopher B. Leinberger of the George Washington University School of Business to The New York Times. And without Cathy’s efforts, it may never have become a reality.
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